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Payment Options

Options for paying your expiation notice

Pay now

If you receive an expiation notice from South Australia Police (SAPOL) you can pay it online at SAPOL epay or for alternative methods refer to your expiation notice. Camera notice can be paid immediately, however hand issued notices cannot be paid online until a few days after they have been issued.

Payment must be made in full by the due date on the notice or a late payment fee will apply.

Apply to pay by instalments and payment arrangements

If you can't afford to pay your notice in full you may be eligible to apply for a payment arrangement through the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit, Attorney Generals Department.


Once payment has been finalised demerit points will be applied. For more information refer to the section on demerit points on the website.

For further information see the links below:

Arrow   Notice options

Arrow   Request a review



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